Slow Money is about connecting people and organizations in new and unique ways:

“There was a moment when I looked around the tent at Shelburne Farms to see thewonderful old codgers who have been farming in Vermont for generations, sitting with young environmentalists and food entrepreneurs and New York investmenttypes, all nodding in agreement. Wow. Talk about being the change we seek. It was a profoundly hopeful moment.”

– Brian Byrnes, President, The Santa Fe Community Foundation

This is a Movement that is more than just a sum of its parts . . . or partners, but its well worth noting the organizations that we are happy to invite into our tent as allies.  Any organization that feels that it should be on our list, we would be glad to add your name to the list as our ally!

Food Organizations:
Slow Food NYC
Just Food

Tara Paige

Edible Brooklyn, Manhattan, & East End

Financial Institutions
The Contact Fund