Kickstarter Campaign for Brooklyn Grange Bees
April 10, 2012

This spring Brooklyn Grange is launching New York City’s largest commercial apiary, which will include at least 25 bee hives and produce over 1,000 pounds of honey. The project will also include an apprenticeship program with a “pay-it-forward” twist. The program will enlist and train dozens of aspiring urban beekeepers, who will receive bees of their own if they complete the apprenticeship and commit to mentoring new apprentices the following year.
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Our beekeepers will also undertake a full-scale bee breeding program to create a line of local queens, genetically adapted to New York City’s climate.We are thrilled to be undertaking this project and ask you to help with a small contribution to ensure that the apiary is well-equipped. Bees are not only excellent honey-makers, but they serve a critical environmental role in New York City’s ecosystem, pollinating the millions of flowering plants and trees in our parks, community gardens, and urban farms. Without bees our food supply and our City would suffer, and we are opening this apiary with the goal of promoting the local beekeeping movement and educating New Yorkers about the many wonderful contributions that bees make.

The $20,000 that we are raising through this kickstarter campaign will pay for the bees themselves, the hives where they live, and other beekeeping equipment including smokers, safety masks and beekeeping tools for our beekeepers and apprentices. We want the apprenticeship program to be free for all participants, and we need your help to make that possible.  The money will also pay for fencing around the apiary, a storage container to keep our equipment out of the weather, and a tent where we can hold workshops and training sessions in inclement weather. This is the Brooklyn Grange’s second Kickstarter campaign.  Our first project was in the spring of 2010, when we raised crucial funding towards starting our first rooftop farm on a 6-story building in Long Island City, Queens.  Since then we’ve grown over 25,000 lbs of fresh vegetables for the community, and we are excitedly beginning our third season in Long Island City.  We will also be starting a new farm on the 11-story roof of building #3 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.