Denckla Transitions Leadership After 4 Years
October 14, 2014

Derek Denckla speaks at Food + Enterprise 2014After 4 years as Director of Slow Money NYC, Derek Denckla is stepping down as the leader of the network.  He will remain on the Board of Advisors and an active member of Foodshed Investors NY, the related angel investor group which he also helped to launch.

Denckla will be taking a full time position as Investments and Partnerships Director at National Young Farmers Coalition, a role in which he will be staying in close contact with all of his Slow Money contacts locally and nationally.

“Investing in the future viability of Young Farmers is at the core of what we have worked to emphasize at Slow Money NYC,” explains Denckla, “This new work allows me to focus more directly on a key investment that I have promoted so vocally for so long. ”

“Over the last 4 years, I coordinated Slow Money NYC as a volunteer director in balance with my consulting work. With a full-time gig, that would be too hard to accomplish. However, Slow Money NYC is mature enough now to evolve under new and different leadership.” Denckla advised.

Anyone who would like to step up as **Volunteer Director** should With the support of the Board, we will be exploring several possible ways to pay the next Director a stipend as a consultant.  Also, Slow Money NYC is seeking 2-3 new Board Members to expand its Board of Advisors as a working group.  Please contact the same email address with an expression of interest for Board participation.

“We should all be proud of what we have built together,” adds Denckla, “Since 2010, we have grown from a private dinner party of aligned friends to a public network of 900 members on  

Denckla provided some context for this moment: “In that short time, we have hosted more than a hundred events. We have led the creation of many impactful groups and programs including:

“We have raised mission-aligned money, increased awareness of the need to bring money down to earth and maintained our focus on the small, the local and the sustainable. This is a record of which we can all be proud.”

Denckla will be gradually transitioning to full-time work with National Young Farmers Coalition between now and November 17, 2014.  Fittingly, the Slow Money National Gathering on November 11-12, 2014 will be the occasion during which Denckla will make the transition official.

“In thinking through this work we have done (and will continue to do) together,” Denckla reflects, “I want to express my sincerest thanks to many folks.

“To Woody Tasch for giving me the seed of an idea and nurturing our local work.”

“To Brian Kaminer for working so closely with me for many years to define and create Slow Money NYC.”

“To all of our amazing Board Members, past and present, who gave so much integrity and time to build a new vision together.”

“To all of the Foodshed Investors for putting their money where their mission is!”

“To all of our volunteers who helped us breathe life into this work.”

“To all of our partners who brought us into collaboration when we were just a wee disruptive notion.”

“To all our funders who had faith that we could make change in a finance system that controls our very sense of safety and reality.”

“And, chiefly, to all the Members who have given us your time and attention.  We are the network that is Slow Money NYC.”

“Let’s keep building the relationships of this movement together!”