Foodshed Investors NY

Foodshed Investors NY cropFoodshed Investors NY is a network of angel investors connecting with local food business owners who need capital. It’s not a venture fund.

As of Fall 2016, FINY is now collaborating on diligence with Investors Circle NY, part of the largest angel investing network in the country dedicated to impact investing.

Foodshed Investors links local angel investors with local businesses seeking funds. It’s a potent alternative to Wall Street, and a way for everyday folks  to keep more of our money circulating close to home.

For entrepreneurs, Foodshed Investors is an alternative to banks or other commercial lenders. Especially for new small business, loans and investment are hard to obtain.  Foodshed Investors offers businesses an alternative to borrow money from those who are your neighbors, customers, and others interested in your success.

For investors, Foodshed Investors is a way to see where your money is going — and who it is helping. It enables you to invest in what you know and can see, in the local businesses that make NYC unique.

Investors who would join our network, please fill out an Investor Application.  Check out our list of Current Members.

Entrepreneurs who would like to be considered for review by Foodshed Investors, please fill out an Entrepreneur Application.

Read about Foodshed Investor’s first group investment: $250,000 placed with King of the Ghosts, LLC (holding company for Egg Restaurant, Goatfell Farm and soon-to-be-opened Parish Hall Restaurant) in February 2012.

Foodshed Investors have also funded Fleisher’s Meats, Brooklyn Grange,,, Added Value and other local, small sustainable food businesses.

Interested parties who would like to know more or provide volunteer support or services, please contact derek [at]   Thanks!

Foodshed Investors arises from a desire to fulfill the following mission and vision:

  1. Organize a group of  angel investors interested in funding local, sustainable food and farm enterprises.
  2. Provide entrepreneurs with a trustworthy group of nurturing investors adhering to transparent procedures for evaluating deals.
  3. Share due diligence efforts and/or costs amongst group of like-minded investors.
  4. Retain individual autonomy for each investor’s funding placement decision.
  5. Create opportunities to develop social, cultural and economic networks amongst NYC LION members and, possibly, additional, future funding channels.
  6. Benefit the prosperity and strength of NYC food shed, consumers and producers alike.

What is a “foodshed”?

Though it may be unfamiliar, the term “foodshed” was used almost 80 years ago in a book entitled How Great Cities Are Fed (Hedden, 1929) to describe the flow of food from producer to consumer. Seven decades later, the term was used to describe a food system that connected local producers with local consumers (Kloppenburg et al., 1996). In this project, the general definition of a foodshed is a geographic area that supplies a population center with food.(Local Food Mapping Project, Cornell University).

We all know the importance of “buy local food.”
What about “invest in local food”?