Impact Funds

A list of professionally managed funds  and intermediaries are listed below.

While many of these funds are not geographically targeted, and a few of them are not focused solely on food, taken as a whole they offer ways to begin slowing some of your money down. Our listing presents, first, funds that are available to all investors, and, second, funds that are available to accredited investors.

Accredited investor is a term defined by the Securities Exchange Commission and generally indicates a sophisticated person, who could bear a potential financial loss from investment and whose investment does not trigger the types of public filings of investment information required of enterprises seeking funds from the general public.

Funds for everyone:

RSF Social Investment Fund* — Min. 1,000 — Term 90 days
Offers the everyday investor a secure vehicle for financing social enterprises while earning returns similar to those of a bank CD (Nationwide)

Equal Exchange CD — Min. $1000 — Term 3 years
A hybrid CD/investment where you can tell the bank to put your savings to work directly for small farmers, Fair Trade, and worker and farmer co-ops.

Equity Trust, Inc. — Min. $1,000 — Term 1 year
Makes low-interest loans for community development, education or agricultural projects (Nationwide)

FORGE (Financing Ozarks Rural Growth and Economy) – Min. None ($500 preferred) – Term None
Provides loans to sustain the rural communities in the Ozarks and preserve the Ozark environment of Northwest Arkansas

MOFGA: Organic Farmer Loan Fund – Amounts and terms vary.
Helps Maine farmers by providing loans for working capital or farm equipment

Montana CDC – Min. $5,000 — Term 2 years
Partners with socially responsible investors who seek a modest financial return to deliver a significant community impact in Montana

New Spirit Ventures, LLC – No Minimum – Term 5 years
Helps Mid-Western farmers (Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, N. Dakota, Wisconsin) committed to organic and sustainable agriculture start, maintain and grow their operations by linking them with socially motivated investors
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ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia – Min. $5,000 – 3 years
Relies on donations, grants and loans from religious, business, banking and philanthropic institutions to support community development in Oregon and Washington

The Carrot Project – Varies (Usually $10,000 or $25,000) – Term 5 years
Collaborates with private investors, lenders and farm support organizations to meet needs of small and mid-sized farms in the Northeast region

The Cooperative Fund of New England – Min. $1,000 – Term 1 year
35 years investing in New England’s food systems, supporting cooperatives, worker ownership, and community nonprofits without one investor losing a penny.

The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) – Min. $1,000 – Term 3 years
Builds wealth and opportunity for low-income communities in the Mid Atlantic region (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, DC) through the promotion of socially and environmentally responsible development

Conservation Fund: Natural Capital Investment Fund – Min. $50,000 Term Varies
Provides debt and equity financing to small businesses in West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee

Funds for Accredited Investors:

RSF Mezzanine Fund*
Accredited Investors Min. $500,000 – Term 7 years
Provides growth capital as a complement or alternative to pure equity financing, giving social enterprises the financial flexibility to stay mission-focused as they expand (Nationwide)

RSF Program-Related Investment (PRI) Funds*
Accredited Investors Min. $100,000 – Term 5 years
Offers a streamlined means of recycling program payouts through low-interest loans to fully charitable projects (Nationwide)

The Sustainability Group Impact Portfolio*
Accredited investors $500,000 5 years
Tailored portfolio for individuals seeking higher impact.

Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund: Flexible Capital Fund*
Accredited investors $100,000 (Institutional) $50,000 (Individual) Term 10 years
Providing “near equity” royalty financing to growth companies in Vermont’s natural resource sectors.

Cape Cod Fisheries Trust**
Accredited investors Min. $250,000 – Term 3 years revolving (5-10 years preferred)
Protects depleted fisheries resources to reinvigorate fishing businesses and revitalize coastal fishing communities on Cape Cod

Ecotrust: Forests LLC**
Accredited investors Min. $500,000 – Term 7 years
Makes investments in key sectors, businesses and projects which significantly enhance the capacity for appropriate development and conservation in the coastal temperate rain forest region along the West Coast

Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI)
Accredited investors Min. $5,000 – Term 3 years
Financing for micro, small and medium enterprises, natural resource-based ventures, affordable housing and community facilities that meet triple bottom line criteria, primarily rural regions of Maine.

Farmland LP**
Accredited investors Min. $50,000 – Term 3 years
Provides investors with superior returns by acquiring conventional farmland and converting it to high-value organic farmland (Nationwide)

*These funds are Slow Money Founding Members and have provided sponsorship to Slow Money’s National Gathering in addition to membership.
**These funds are Slow Money Founding Members.