Investment Portfolio

Total Investments

Since 2010, Foodshed Investors have placed over $1,000,000 in increments from $10,000 to $100,000 in small, local sustainable food and farm business serving the NYC foodshed. Investments have been made collectively with shared due diligence, individually and with aligned co-investors not directly participating in Slow Money NYC.

Collaborative Investment: King of the Ghosts LLC

Summer’s Bounty at Goatfell Farm (part of King of the Ghosts LLC)

Funded: $298,000 Total = $250,000 Initial + $48,000 Follow-On.
As of February 15, 2012, ten Foodhsed Investors raised $250,000 for King of the Ghosts, LLC, the holding company that operates:

As of November 2012, Members raised an additional $48,000 of follow-on financing to create a larger stake of working capital. Watch a video of entrepreneur George Weld and his vision for re-inventing restaurant business.

Individual Investments by Foodshed Investors:

WindowFarms – Funded: $10,000 (2012)
A Windowfarm is a vertical, hydroponic growing system that allows for year- round growing in almost any window. It lets plants use natural window light, the climate control of your living space, and organic “liquid soil.”  Windowfarms were featured at 2012 Entrepreneur Showcase and invited to present before Foodshed Investors in Fall 2012.

Added Value & Herban Solutions, Inc. – Funded: $51,000 (2012)
This non-profit organization manages the 3-acre Red Hook Community Farm, Red Hook Farmer’s Market and its Community Supported Agriculture Program as well as operating NYC’s largest private food waste composting site.  Added Value’s work is defined by creating opportunities for youth of South Brooklyn to expand their knowledge base, develop new skills and positively engage with their community through operation of this socially-responsible urban farming enterprise.  Added Value was funded based on an emergency request made in the Summer 2012.

Brooklyn Grange – Funded: $25,000 (2012)
The Grange is a commercial organic farm located on two New York City rooftops. Brooklyn Granges was featured at Slow Money NYC’s 2012 Entrepreneur Showcase at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture and our 2011 Entrepreneur Showcase.

Farm to Table Co-PackersFunded $50,000 (2012)
Farm to Table appeared at 2012 Showcase at Stone Barns and was funded shortly thereafter by a Foodshed investor and New World Foundation.

New York Mouth – Funded: $25,000 (2012)
NY Mouth is an online marketplace for independent, local food producers. The company took part in the 2011 Entrepeneur Showcase.

Agsquared – Funded: $20,000 (2011)
Aq Squared creates record keeping software tailor-made for small farms. The company presented its pitch at the 2011 Entrepreneur Showcase held by Slow Money NYC.

Fleisher’s Grassfed and Organic Meats – Funded: $600,000 (2011)
Josh and Jessica Applestone won the “Favorite Slow Money Business” competition in 2010, which included a pass to our 2nd National Gathering, where they met a NYC based Slow Money founding member who assembled a $600,000 investment round, funding their second butcher shop, in Brooklyn.