Move Your $

Go local!  Move your money NOW.  
Open a Slow Money NYC Account
at Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union.

Brooklyn Cooperative offers the same range of financial products and services as any bank.  For instance, deposits are safe and secure, covered by a federal insurance fund. Onlinetelephone and text/mobile banking are available along with a national ATM Network.

Brooklyn Cooperative, however, is not a bank. It’s a “community development credit union,” enhancing the local economies in a defined geographic area. Brooklyn Cooperative invests 65-70% of deposits locally — making loans to businesses near their branches in Bushwick and Bed-Stuy.

Credit unions are non-profit cooperatives existing to serve members rather than maximize corporate profits.  At a credit union, account holders are called ‘members’ whose deposits are shares in the cooperative.  Credit unions are democratically operated by members, allowing account holders an equal say in how the credit union is operated, regardless of how much money they invest in the credit union.

Members of Brooklyn Cooperative may be people or organizations that live, work, volunteer, or worship in Brooklyn.  Slow Money NYC’s offices are located in Brooklyn.  Thus, any member of Slow Money NYC — no matter where located — may become a member of Brooklyn Cooperative.

Brooklyn Cooperative is now New York City’s fastest growing credit union, and a model community development credit union nationwide.

How To Open your Slow Money NYC account:

    • DownloadPrint and Sign “Welcome & Authorization Letter” (If you don’t have a printer available, ask for the letter at the credit union).
    • Gather Documents Required to Open an Account at Brooklyn Co-op.
    • Bring Documents to nearest Branch: Bedford Stuyvesant, 750 Myrtle Avenue (between Sanford and Nostrand), Hours: Mon-Wed & Fri 9a-4p OR Bushwick, 1474 Myrtle Avenue (between Manhattan Av. & Grove St.) Hours: Tue-Thu 9a-4p, Fri 9a-6p, Sat 9a-2p.
    • Inform the credit union you would like to open a “Slow Money NYC Account.”
    • Start enjoying the feeling of moving your money local.

NOTE: Opening this account will simultaneously enroll you as a member of the Credit Union AND Slow Money.