Membership Criteria

Foodshed Investors NY  is now collaborating with Investors Circle NY (ICNY).  Please review membership terms for ICNY HERE.

Foodshed Investors NY maintains a Food & Farm Committee with ICNY.  Criteria for partipating in this group are as follows:

Members come to invest. Foodshed Investors brings together a peer network of  impact investors focused on funding small, local and sustainable food enterprises creating a safe space for sharing, learning together, co-investing and mentoring enterprises.

Members build Foodshed Investors together. Investors educate each other and help create  our network based on trust and transparency.

We expect our members commit to do the following:

  • Contribute enterprises to deal flow process
  • Make at least one investments each year
  • Share due diligence conducted on deals
  • Share terms of investments completed on deals
  • Support the impact and financial monitoring of deals
  • Serve as one of the following at least once per year: Deal Champion, Selection Committee, Mentor, Meeting Facilitator
  • Pay membership fee and any expenses related deals authorized by members collectively