Slow Money National Gathering: November 11-12, 2014
September 29, 2014


Slow Money NYC started with a few of us locals straggling up to Vermont in 2010 for the National Gathering.  We did not know what to expect.  And we found like-minded people searching for solutions to the problems of the food system and the finance system.

About twenty of us coming from New York so far.  Join us in meeting folks from around the country and the globe for two and a half days of brilliant speakers, presentations and conversations over local food and beverage.

This year Wendell Barry is the opening Plenary Speaker.  As well Vandana Shiva and Joel Salatin are also on the roster.  Plus, Woody Tasch — the visionary who started this movement — will be kicking things off. And, one of our local heroes, Fig Foods will be pitching their company!

Find out more at: and see you there!


As part of the gathering Slow Money has created the ‘beet coin’ as a way of funding a couple of the local food presenters at the Gathering in an immediate way.  Go to to learn more.


Woody Tasch has written a brilliant piece on the state of money, finance, and healthy soil.  It’s well worth your time – it will give you plenty to think about and act on.  He’s a pretty darn good writer

So join us in Louisville to help grow our movement into a national force!  Thanks!

— Derek Denckla