Slow Money NYC Endorses Fresh Connection on Kiva Zip
March 22, 2015
Fresh Connection
Mark Jaffe of Fresh Connection NYC

Slow Money NYC has endorsed Mark Jaffe and his business, The Fresh Connection, for a $10,000 loan on Kiva Zip.

UPDATE 03/24/15: The Fresh Connection Loan has been fully funded — in less than one week!

Kiva Zip is an online portal that allows you to support small businesses with 0% interest loans and enable them to access up to $10,000 to grow their businesses. It only takes $5 to make an impact and anyone can lend.

KivaZipKiva Zip is about human connections. Kiva Zip uses an entrepreneur’s network as a measure of creditworthiness, obtaining loan endorsements from Trustees in their communities.

Kiva Zip Trustees source entrepreneurs they believe in and publicly endorse them as borrowers on the Kiva Zip website.  Trustees have no financial liability for loans, but their reputation is tied to the repayment rate of the borrowers they endorse. Trustees can be individuals or organizations.

Slow Money NYC recently became a “Trustee” on Kiva Zip.  Fresh Connection is the first endorsement of a Borrower made by Slow Money NYC as a Kiva Zip Trustee. And, we are excited to share this loan with all of you.  As of this writing, The Fresh Connection has raised almost 90% of his loan amount in just five days!

Mariana Cotlear gives Honorarium to Winner
Mariana Cotlear gives Honorarium to Winner Mark Jaffe

You probably remember Mark Jaffe and The Fresh Connection as the winner of Food+Enterprise + Pitch in 2014. By participating as a lender in this campaign, you can directly invest in building the infrastructure that farms and small food producers need to get their products to wholesale customers, CSA drop-off locations and even directly to consumers.

Please join us by making a loan to The Fresh Connection on Kiva Zip:

Derek Denckla, founder of Slow Money NYC –and an early lender to The Fresh Connection on Kiva Zip — puts it this way:

“You should fund Mark Jaffe for the same reason that he won Food + Enterprise + Pitch last year. Anyone who studies how to restore our local food and farm economies knows — like our Pitch judges knew — that diverse distribution options for farms are key business resources required to rebuild missing infrastructure. Now you can be part of the change you want to see and increase access to local food by lending to Fresh Connection.”

As the first loan endorsed by Slow Money NYC, Deutsche Bank is doubling all loans to The Fresh Connection; so if you loan $100, its worth $200 to The Fresh Connection.

Mark Jaffe featured in NY Times

For more about The Fresh Connection and why we think it’s an excellent company to back, read this New York Times profile of Mark Jaffe and other entrepreneurs that participated in the Fair Food Fund Network Bootcamp.  Or, watch Mark Jaffe’s winning pitch at Food+Enterprise 2014:

your name hereYour business could have the next loan endorsed by Slow Money NYC on Kiva Zip! Any business may apply to Slow Money NYC for its endorsement of a loan on Kiva Zip by letting us know how you fit most or all of the Investment Criteria laid out in this link in an email to info [a]