Slow Money NYC Turns 1,000 (on Meetup…)
January 26, 2015

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Slow Money NYC is thrilled to report that last week we officially obtained our 1,000th member on

A big thanks to John Wiseman for being our 1000th member (and alerting us to this momentous occasion!). John is a marketing and partnerships maven, who invests in local bars and restaurants and advises on the marketing council for the Food Bank for NYC. Thanks again, John!

John Wiseman
Mr. John Wiseman, 1000th Member!

This milestone is a moment of pride, excitement, and reflection as we look back at the hard, fun work that got us to this point. It’s a moment to look around from the top of this significant numeric peak and think about what’s next for us. New leadership. New organizational rigor. New ideas. New blood. New Year.

Some questions that will help us form our agenda for the new year:

  • How do we want to honor these 1000 members and continue to earn their loyalty?
  • How do we want to call upon these 1000 members to help us build the network to 10,000?
  • How will we articulate the importance of this work that requires us to grow this movement?
  • What programs will we devise to deliver value to ourselves and our members that makes this network worth maintaining?

What do you think?  Please let us know your reaction to these pivotal questions.

Our challenge is to become activists and to embrace this Network as our own — worthy of our nurture, our admiration and our ongoing commitment.

Building a network (and a movement) requires all of us — its members — to be actively engaged and connected, making opportunities to meet and to discuss what’s important.

To that end, please make sure that you join us at our next Meetup on February 10th, 2015 about crowd-funding strategies from the pros.

And, do not miss your opportunity to register for the Food + Enterprise Summit 2015. This gathering defines our community and makes our ties stronger every year. Register here and do so soon! We sold out two weeks early last year.

Thank you so much for all of your commitment to building Slow Money NYC as a home for us all to dream about a better food system and its financing.

This network is ours. This network is us. Let’s keep it fresh and relevant together.