Speaker Bios & Company Profiles


Woody Tasch, Founder and Chairman, pioneered the integration of asset management and philanthropic purpose in the 1990s as treasurer of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation and founding chairman of the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance. For ten years, through 2008, Tasch was chairman of Investors’ Circle, a network of angel investors, family offices, and social purpose funds and foundations that has invested $150 million in 230 early stage sustainability-promoting ventures and venture funds, since 1992. Woody is the author of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered (Chelsea Green).

Chris Lindstrom, Board of Directors, worked for the E.F. Schumacher Society, from 2003 to 2008, spearheading the launch of “BerkShares,” the “local currency” of the Southern Berkshires in Massachusetts, referenced innumerable times in international press as a model for communities world-wide. Chris is co-founder of the Fund for Complementary Currencies. He has organized numerous conferences and events around the transformation of money. Chris is particularly motivated by the holistic redirection of money into sustainability, culture and consciousness.

Brian Kaminer, Co-Chair, Slow Money NYC. Brian’s company Talgra is focused on cultivating sustainable investments, from renewable energy to sustainable food. He is a member of NYC LION, an angel investor network focused on funding local, sustainable food business. He recently became an advisor to FarmCityFund.org, a pilot project providing loans to urban farms and related business. Brian has consulted on award-winning energy conservation projects. In 2010 he participated in the NYU-Poly Cleantech Executive program. Brian co-chairs his town’s Sustainability committee. Brian has 17 years of experience in the brokerage business.

Derek Denckla, Co-Chair, Slow Money NYC, Derek is both impact investor and sustainable business entrepreneur. He chairs NYC LION and founded FarmCityFund.org. He is Senior Advisor to NewYorkMouth, a newly-launched online source for INDIE FOODS — small batch, local artisanal foods. In 2010, he founded FarmCity.US, exploring the potential of urban agriculture while blogging on the topic at TheGreenest.Net. Denckla ran a green real estate development company the premiere project of which was Greenbelt, first LEED Gold building in Brooklyn, NY, Denckla is a multi-media artist and curator of various exhibitions themed with environmental and social issues.

Jill Isenbarger, Executive Director, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. Prior to this appointment, Jill served as Chief of Staff for The Nature Conservancy, the world’s leading conservation organization.


ELIOT COLEMAN has been involved in organic farming since 1966, with experience in field vegetables, greenhouse vegetables, farm tool design, rotational grazing of livestock, and range poultry. He is the author of The New Organic Grower (Chelsea Green, rev. 1995), Four Season Harvest (Chelsea Green, rev. 1999), and The Winter Harvest Handbook (Chelsea Green, 2009). Eliot presently owns and operates Four Season Farm, a year-round market garden (winter greenhouse crops and summer field crops) in Harborside, Maine. www.fourseasonfarm.com

  • SLOW TOOLS project is working to develop new designs of appropriately scaled, open-source, tool systems to bring small farm production into the 21st century. These tools (such as an electric tool carrier/tractor and a small scale harvester for Mesclun salad) will transform the efficiency and economics of local vegetable production. We seek someone interested in manufacturing Slow Tools. http://groups.google.com/group/slowtools

BEN FLANNER: A leader in rooftop urban agriculture, Ben Flanner is the head farmer and a co-founder of Brooklyn Grange, the world’s largest roof top farm. Prior to founding the farm, Flanner co-founded the Eagle Street Farm. He was awarded the LICBDC Green Business Award in 2010 and the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Award of Excellent in 2011.

  • BROOKLYN GRANGE: Brooklyn Grange is a commercial organic farm located on New York City rooftops. The farm grows and sells vegetables in New York City. Brooklyn Grange’s first farm is an acre on a rooftop in Long Island City, Queens, and its second acre is slated to open in May of 2012 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. www.brooklyngrangefarm.com

JIM HYLAND and his family moved to the Hudson Valley to become involved in the growing local food movement. In 2006 he started Winter Sun Farms to create a local frozen vegetable line. In 2010 he opened Farm to Table Co-packers to address the growing need for more regional food processing.

  • FARM TO TABLE CO-PACKERS – In 2010 Farm to Table Co-packers converted an IBM cafeteria into 30,000 sq ft full service co-packing facility. F2T can produce pickled items, soups and sauces, dry goods and has full IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) capabilities. Working with local farms and food companies F2T is opening the market place for more local products. FARM TO TABLE CO-PACKERS www.farm2tablecopackers.com  and WINTER SUN FARMS www.wintersunfarms.com

CRAIG KANARICK is a entrepreneur best known as Cofounder and Chief Strategic Officer of Razorfish. The firm, founded in 1995 as one of the first digital agencies, grew under his direction to over $250 million in annual revenues with over 2300 employees in 9 countries. In addition, he helped start and run Razorfish Studios, an entertainment company that published films, magazines, television shows, websites and more. After 7 years at Razorfish and brief stint as a prep cook intern at Babbo, Craig ran a design studio at acclaimed architecture firm Rockwell Group. He is an expert in digital media and consults for companies such as Apple, Samsung, Blockbuster and Coca-Cola. He is on the board of Dotbox and RecordSetter and is an acclaimed photographer of candy.

  • NEW YORK MOUTH Launched in late 2011, New York Mouth is the first project of Mouth Foods, a platform created to help utilize digital technologies to help independent food makers. New York Mouth is an online store carrying the best of the local (to New York) indie foods. New York Mouth is committed to offering the best customer experience from start to finish – from a rich user experience online to creative and signature branding of the shipment to the exceptional and delicious products they carry. The company also offers distinctive, curated and uniquely-designed tote bags for a range of gift-giving. NewYorkMouth.com

PATRICK LEGER founded First Field with his wife Theresa Viggiano, after several years of small-scale farming and limited production of value-added products. While Patrick’s love of ketchup provided inspiration for the company’s flagship product, his diverse career background ranging from finance to technology, along with Theresa’s passion for farming and recipe development, helped make it a reality.

  • FIRST FIELD creates high-quality value-added products that preserve the harvest from our own farm and from our partners. Our flagship product is Jersey Ketchup made from New Jersey tomatoes and available at leading retailers and restaurants. We are dedicated to finding sustainable approaches to growing and sourcing ingredients for our expanding product line, including paying fair trade prices to our farmers. www.first-field.com

BRITTA RILEY is a social entrepreneur, technology designer, and artist. Prior to founding Windowfarms, her firm designed participatory environmental exhibits. Her work has engaged visitors to the Museum of Science & Industry, the Smithsonian, the Whitney, and MoMA. Britta holds a Masters from ITP, the interdisciplinary technology design program at NYU.

  • WINDOWFARMS are vertical gardens that allow you to grow up to 32 fresh salad, herb, and vegetable plants in ordinary windows year-round. The systems uniquely support organic & sea-sourced hydroponic nutrients. A worldwide community of 32,000 members contributes to the project as testers and citizen scientists. www.windowfarms.org