We spark dialogue and action addressing the nexus of where our food comes from and where our money goes.

Slow Money NYC  is a local network of Slow Money, a national non-profit, catalyzing investment in sustainable food and farms.

Our Initiatives


Join Slow Money NYC at our next Good Food Spotlight  for an evening of networking and collaborative thinking on business growth challenges.  We invite entrepreneurs, creators and innovators in the food space for an opportunity to showcase their product or business to a diverse panel of experts.  The audience collaborates digitally to vote on business aspects highlighted in the discussion.  It’s an invigorating event where everyone shows up with one mission: To help good food ventures be the best they can be.

Meetup Small LogoConnect with Slow Money NYC on meetup.  Learn about all of our great events and meetups.  Join over 1,300 individuals interested in connecting their money and food values.  The group has hosted over 110 Meetups since its formation in 2010.

1d16b975-d252-435f-a74f-bcdc9bc94775The Local Farms Fund is a high-impact, socially responsible farmland access venture co-founded by nine Slow Money NYC visionaries and Working Farms Capital. The venture was established to provide secure land access to sustainable early stage farmers in the New York City Foodshed through lease-to-own arrangements with the goal of accelerating land ownership for the farmers that will be feeding us in the future

KivaZipSlow Money NYC is a trustee for Kiva Zip to provide our members with a tangible and actual means to fulfill our mission to catalyze investments fund small, local sustainable food and farming enterprises. Kiva Zip makes 0% interest loans for 100% social good and uses an entrepreneur’s network as a measure of creditworthiness. Borrowers invite family and friends to start their fundraising. After reaching a designated threshold, the Kiva Zip community takes care of the rest. It’s a simple, transparent way to help small businesses.