Slow Money NYC is a chapter of Slow Money, a national non-profit organization catalyzing investment in sustainable food and farms.


Slow Money NYC aims to spark dialogue and action addressing the nexus of where our food comes from and where our money goes.  We hope to reshape roles for investors and extend the definition of “investment,” providing alternatives to Wall Street.


Slow Money NYC has attracted over 1,000 followers on Meetup, as well as a network of dues-paying members.  We would love for you to join the growing Slow Money NYC movement as we:

  • Build a network of food activists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs.
  • Host public conversations like the Good Food Spotlight that feature local food enterprises and produce Panel Discussions, Workshops and Conferences.


Slow Money NYC seeks to align our investments with our values in order to catalyze a more resilient local economy and a thriving sustainable food system in NYC.

Over the course of a few years,  Slow Money NYC has helped raise $300,000 to fund local food & farm businesses through direct investment and our partnership with Investors Circle of NY , a group of angel investors focused on sustainable food.

Everyone Is an Investor In Food.

Join Slow Money NYC!

We can all can be agents of change through the various financial decisions we make — shopping locally, patronizing a local bank, making a loan or placing an investment.

Slow Money NYC actively seeks volunteers  and partnerships with aligned organizations to help us continue to grow the local food system. To contact us, please e-mail info@slowmoneynyc.org.